The general rules for tournament dicussion board. 

  • You may post your cornhole tournament to the board with a link to your calendar or tournament information. 
  • Cornhole tournaments only please. 
  • Please tag your discussion with approprate tags, such as state and city the tournament will be located in. 
  • Keep it clean please, no vulgar language or swearing. Many of these events are family oriented so keep that in mind. 
  • Users are allowed to post, flyers and other relevant information about the tournament. 
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are allowed as they pertain to the tournament.
  • All discussions will be moderated and will be approved within 24 hours. We appreciate your patients. 
  • Moderators decisions are final, you may plead your case, but it is doubtful a post being removed will be reinstated for violation of these rules.